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Green Home

Transforming your home into a sustainable and energy efficient environment is easy and offers significant benefits to electricity, gas and water usage around your home. It helps to remove the need for burning coal, and thus reduce strain on the grid by diverting it elsewhere in the home. Integration of this new technology into your property may seem daunting and costly but rest assured our partners have created integrated wireless technologies making installations easy and avoiding difficult cable routing.



  • 40% savings in energy house bills
  • Less reliance on energy suppliers
  • Improved EPC ratings
  • Increase in property value
  • Less maintenance compared to use of traditional fuel sources with few or no moving parts.

Green Car

As we move towards greater usage of electrical vehicles, providing zero emission transport also brings about the challenge of reducing/causing extra strain on the grid.



  • 60% savings in car fuel
  • Optimise fuel efficiency
  • Reduction in insurance premiums
  • Meet the ULEZ emissions standards
  • Step towards decarbonisation
  • More sustainable consumption
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Lower running costs.

Change Ahead To Green Energy?

Do you want to save on your energy bills and generate your own clean electricity?

Having your own energy efficient solutions can be a smart investment, not only will you cut energy costs, but you will be powering your home and/or car with clean energy.

Change Ahead work in partnership with organisations who with the aid of grants, enable you to carry out sustainable, energy efficient upgrades.

Whether you are a home owner, renting a property or drive a vehicle, our green scheme offers you the opportunity to install high-quality renewable energy generation technologies. Our passion is to help you make a sustainable transition and create a better future for our planet whilst also saving money.

Why is the whole world talking about COP 26?

For nearly three decades, The United Nations (UN) have been bringing together countries for global climate summits, also known as Conference of the Parties (COPs). The annual event brings together almost two-hundred world leaders to discuss the world’s commitment to climate change. 2021 marked the twenty-sixth year of the event, hence the name COP26.

Climate change has become a matter of global emergency. In 2015 when the Paris Agreement was formed, it became the first ever legally binding commitment to mitigate global warming. Every single country, agreed to reducing carbon emissions to drop the rise in global temperature to less than 2 degrees Celsius and pledged financial commitment to ensure that funds were made available to help deliver the targets. This agreement also required each country to update their plans every five years, on how they intend to reduce their emissions, known as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC’s).

Change Ahead Green recognise that the targets set at COP are important and we can support the national transition to sustainable solutions

Its Time To Make a Change

Of the 27.6 million homes in the UK, 89% have a D energy rating or lower, which means we are using excessive energy which is adversely impacting greenhouse gas emissions.

On average, we are paying around £530 a year on energy bills of which approximately 16% is due to appliances left on ‘standby mode’ equating to £50 to $86, £80 on washing machines and dryers.

The earth can provide us with some of the most powerful and sustainable energy supplies available. We can harness energy from naturally occurring and self-replenishing phenomena such as the wind, sun, tides, waves, rain and ground heat.

Where you source your energy is only half of the equation – how you use it is equally important. Technological advancements in energy efficient products can help you make simple changes around your home to help you reduce your energy consumption, lower your bills and, in turn, protect the environment.